No Frame

UBR Massage & Wellness

Kelly J. Wahl

Owner and Lisenced Massage Therapist

When I was thinking of the qualities I wanted to ensure in my massage practice I thought about how I wanted people to be able to escape for the time they were there and Unwind. I believe that when we are faced with stress we need to all Breathe and the answers will come time us in time; than can we fully allow ourselves to Relax.

I have been traveling on this journey of Healing for many years.

I have trained in many modalities of Massage Therapy along with Healing Arts such as Chakra Balancing, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.

My Belief is Balance in All Things.

It is so important to quiet the mind, maintain the body and feed the soul.

That became our Mantra here at UBR and we hope that you choose try us out for yourself.

Be Well

Love & Light

UBR Massage & Wellness

Unwind... Breathe... Relax...

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